Friday, October 28, 2016

UNC Men’s Lacrosse Team - 2016 National Champions

Travis Cuvelier is a big lacrosse fan excited about the college lacrosse championships.

Since he was a kid, Travis Cuvelier has always enjoyed playing sports. Over the years, his favorite sport very quickly became lacrosse. Travis Cuvelier loves lacrosse for its uniqueness and team oriented style of play. This past year, Travis spent a lot of time following his favorite college lacrosse team and enjoyed watching the 2016 Men's Lacrosse Championships.

The University of North Carolina’s Men’s Lacrosse team is now the proud National Champions of 2016. Their final showdown was a close call and went into overtime, and took their first championship since the early 1990’s, making it the first championship from UNC that Travis Cuvelier was old enough to watch and remember.
Travis Cuvelier - Men's Lacrosse

The Close Call

Everyone was talking about this game including Travis Cuvelier and many of his friends. In the last few minutes, against the odds University of North Carolina took down Maryland that up until that point was number one nationwide.
Sports events like this that take us all out to the last minute are talked about for years and there is no way that this close call is going away anytime soon. North Carolina’s Tar Heels worked for their victory and when it looked like hard work might not pay off, they went harder. Travis Cuvelier was greatly inspired by the efforts put out by all of the athletes on both teams.

Where was the Pressure?

These guys have begun to carve a name for themselves with pulling out all the stops at the last minute. They found themselves in a similar situation, but with more time left in the game, when up against Notre Dame earlier this year.
But, that was all on the college level. When the team came up into the NCAA championships, you would think that the pressure would be on and that tensions would rise. They have a great coach is what it comes down to, Coach Joe Breschi, over the University of North Carolina’s Tar Heels is everything you want your kids coach to be. Instead of putting the heat on of taking home this massive title, he went the other way. He emphasized with the team that no one expected them to get this far, so to go as far as they could. Travis Cuvelier likes the way this coach thinks. He believes in always striving to be your personal best and to see where it leads you. For more sports motivation, check out Travis Cuvelier on Tumblr.

With Nothing to Lose…

From players throwing themselves, to amazing saves, so much of this game was played exactly as it was for the Tar Heels. If there was nothing to lose, then there was everything to gain and they were after it. The efforts still weren’t lost when player Goldstock was out on penalty and they had to finish playing with one man down.
Essentially, the coaching and amazing level of sportsmanship in this team is nearly unparalleled. With where the game was when everything was down to the final minutes there wouldn’t have been anyone upset if they had let a goal go. It was the internal structure of the team that made success happen.

This is due mostly to the great respect that the players clearly have for each other and their coach. As they commend him for being competitive but transparent with his emotions these players do nothing but praise their coach. The team as a whole had adopted its underdog persona and now with a major title may have to do some adjusting. There isn’t a whole lot now that people won’t be expecting from this team or this coach. Come next season, teams all over the country are going to be watching the University of North Carolina’s Tar Heels team. Travis Cuvelier is very excited to see it all unfold.

Friday, July 15, 2016

MLB All-Star Game Recap

Travis Cuvelier is an avid sports fan and athlete with a strong love for baseball. He loves following statistics and analytics of the game and is considering a role in sports announcing for his professional career. This week, Travis Cuvelier enjoyed watching all of the fun and exciting events that took place during the 2016 MLB All-Star Game. 

Travis Cuvelier - MLB All Star Game 2016
The annual Major League Baseball All-Star festivities began on Monday with the home run derby, as Giancarlo Stanton hammered 61 home runs in three rounds, totaling over five miles and defeating defending champion Todd Frazier. The customary fun-filled softball game followed featuring former MLB stars and celebrities. But the main event came on Tuesday night, as the winning league would gain home field advantage in the World Series.

Chris Sale took the hill to for the American League, while Johnny Cueto got the nod for the National League. The NL got on the board first with a home run by Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs. The AL tied the game in the second with a home run by Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer. The AL continued to hammer Cueto in the second with another Royal doing the damage, as Salvador Perez belted a two run home run.

Corey Kluber and Cole Hamels kept the NL off the score board in the second and third, while the AL increased their lead in the third on an RBI single by Hosmer, scoring Edwin Encarnacion of the Blue Jays. Encarnacion entered the game as a pinch runner for David Ortiz,who started at DH and left his final All-Star game to an ovation and greetings from the entire AL squad.

The National League closed the gap to 4-2 off Aaron Sanchez of the Blue Jays. Marcel Ozuna, who is batting .307 with 17 home runs this season, singled home Giants catcher Buster Posey.

Pitching dominated the rest of the way, as Drew Pomeranz, Julio Teheran, Max Scherzer, Jon Lester, Mark Melancon, Fernando Rodney and Kenley Jansen allowed only a single AL hit over the final five innings.  For the AL, Jose Quintana, Kelvin Herrera, Dellin Betnaces, Andrew Miller, Will Harris and Zach Britton held the NL scoreless over the last five.

Corey Kulber recorded the win and John Cueto suffered the defeat. Daniel Murphy, who is batting .348 for the seaosn, went 2-for-3 for the NL, while Jackie Bradley Jr went 2-for-2 and Eric Hosmer, 2-for-3 for the AL.

The win was the third straight for the AL, following three in a row for the NL. The American League has dominated the MLB All Star-Game,  winning all but one from 1997 through 2009. 

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